The 2000-2001 billfishery generated significant economic benefits for New Zealand, both regionally and nationally. 

Total expenditure by billfishers in 2000-2001 was $65 million, of which $13 million was expenditure by overseas fishers.  More than half of billfish expenditure is related to spending on vessels and associated items.  However, significant expenditure also occurs on travel, food and beverages, charter fees, fishing equipment and maintenance.

On a nation-wide basis, and taking into account indirect production effects and induced consumption effects, the economic contribution of the billfishery is estimated to generate $17 million in gross output, 151 full time equivalent jobs and a further $8.4 million in value added. 

Within Northland, the expenditure by billfishers (visiting from elsewhere in New Zealand or overseas) generates $12 million in value added, 116 full time equivalent jobs and $7 million in value added.