Tagging projects

There have been many technological advances in the way marine species are studied and Blue Water Marine Research is a leader in the use of electronic fish tag technology in New Zealand. We were the first in the world to track marlin in near real time with satellite tags.  We have also been involved in many of the conventional tagging projects for inshore and highly migratory species.

Harvest estimates

The harvest by amateur fishers can be an important component of over all catch in inshore fisheries. We have designed and implement regional scale surveys to provide annual harvest estimates for rock lobster, scallops, gurnard and kahawai. John is a long term member of the Marine Amateur Fisheries Working Group reviewing project design and results  so  is familiar with most of the amateur harvest estimates generated in New Zealand

Catch sampling

The size and age of fish in a representative sample of the catch can help describe growth rates and trends in the population. Tissue samples can provide an insight into genetic diversity and population structure. The best opportunity to sample the adult population of some species like marlin and yellowtail kingfish is from targeted recreational fisheries.  We have collaborated with a number of researchers interested in these species.